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Re: [IP] Marsh Mallow

Nick Said:

>Put ONE marshmallow on a plate and put the whole thing into your >microwave 
>oven. Microwave the darn thing. Watch it carefully while you >do this. The 
>important thing is to WATCH IT CAREFULLY while you >microwave it. NO, it 
>will not explode. It will not hurt the microwave >or you. It is very 
>interesting to watch. You can even do it over and >over again.If you are 
>going to eat the mallow after you heat it up be >very careful. Just like 
>other stuff that heats up in a microwave it >gets MUCH HOTTER  ON THE 
>INSIDE than outside.

But is funnier if you do that with a marshmallow peep.  (don't ask me why I 
know that)

Jenn ;)
email @ redacted

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