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Re: [IP] Re: leaving children alone

Kathy Asked:

>At what age do you leave your diabetic child at home alone?  I >understand 
>the maturity issue but what about the diabetes issue?  Does >it depend if 
>he's been "stable" lately, do you check blood before you >leave, do you 
>limit the number of hours you are willing to be gone?

I was dx'ed when I was seven years old.  The first time I stayed home alone 
for any length of time was when I was in my late teens.  My parents went out 
to a holiday party and my grandmother could no longer get to the house to 
stay with me.

Before she left the house, mom and dad made sure that there was candy and 
regular soda on the kitchen counter where I could get to it easily; made 
sure I knew where there were other snacks I could get to; and also made sure 
there was at least one person in the neighborhood (sometimes several) that 
knew I was alone (although I think that was more for general saftey than D 
reasons, but still).  When I was older, I was the one that told my friends 
that I would be staying home alone for a weekend or whatever.  Neighbors and 
friends would call me and if I didn't answer the phone they would come over. 
  Mom and dad always told me who they had talked to, so that I would also 
know who I could call if I needed help; and who might drop by the house.

They called me both days they were away, usually in the evening, to make 
sure everything was ok, and that was fine with me.  It actually made me feel 
important and "grown-up" (when I was young) to let them know I was taking 
care of the house just fine.

I think that having your child tell someone themselves that they are going 
to be alone is a good way to handle both your own concerns, and also get 
them involved in their own care and safety.

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