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[IP] Split Bolus

Sylvia - I don't remember which pump you have but I remember you saying before
you wanted an animas pump next time for Josh.  Then he could do one of two
things:  give half of the bolus right away and the other half right away as an
"extended bolus" over time so he wouldn't forget the other half; or he could
do half right away and on the animas there is a feature called "Auto Off or
Auto On" and if you turn it On then you can set it for time increments from 30
minutes to as long as needed; but what is does is if you don't touch your pump
in the set time the pump beeps at you.  So if he wanted to give the other half
of the bolus in one hour he could set the Auto-On for 60 minutes and then as
long as he didn't touch the pump in 60 minutes, then the pump would beep in
one hour and that would remind him to give the other half of the bolus.
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