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[IP] Animas and Quick-Sets

Lyndy wrote the following re the setting on occlusion limits on the animas - I
would guess that probably is the problem.  I am an adult but my basals are set
at .05 per hour from 7 pm till midnight and then .10 from midnight to 2 am.
Originally when I got my pump I got my animas I got a lot of occlusions alarms
also - I changed the setting on the occlusions limits and now that doesn't
happen anymore.  On a VERY rare occasion I will still get an occlusion alarm
at 1 am or so but I just reprime and if insulin is flowing I just reconnect
with no problems later.   The "setting" SEEMS BACKWARDS to me on the pump and
maybe that is why you might not have it set right.  It is under SETUP -
ADVANCED and then you just keep scrolling and it is OCCLUSION LIMITS and it
should be set to "H".  In the manuel it says to set it for H for high and L
for low and if you think about it; it seems like if you have very low basals
it should be set to L for lower sensitivity but it is just the opposite.  Once
I changed mine to H; I no longer had these problems.  I use both the Comfort
sets and the Ultra-Flex by Distronic with my Animas; depending on the point of
I know Barbara B. reads this site regularly - so please correct me if I am
wrong Barbara but I think it was John Ripa (or something like that) who had an
animas who alerted me to this also when I wrote in once with the same

>Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 21:37:59 EST
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] Animas Pump and Quick-sets

>My daughter has been using Quick-sets with her Animas pump for seven months
>now with no problem with occlusion alarms . . . Since the problem just
>started when you switched pumps, maybe it's because the setting on the new
>pump is set at the more sensitive setting . . . My daughter's not here right
>now or I'd look on her pump screen to tell you exactly what it's called, but
>I know that there is a setting that determines how sensitive the pump is
>regarding occlusions.  As I recall, the most sensitive setting is usually
>used by little kids that have very low  basal rates and bolus amounts -- if
>your pump is set on this, that could explain why you're getting occlusion
>alarms but with no highs from actual occlusions . . .

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