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Re: [IP] advil NOT!

> the problem is that most docs that prescribe NSAIDS
> haven't a clue that someone with diabetes really should be very
> careful about taking these things AND they have not read the
> scientific literature about use of NSAIDS by diabetics or people at
> risk for kidney disease. I'm not really faulting the docs, it's not
> possible for them to read everything, particularly if they are GP's
> or ortho's treating a diabetic that's just part of their general
> patient population. It's up to those with diabetes to be proactive
> about the knowledge necessary to survive the current medical system.
> Michael

I agree with Michael on this. I had an arm injury two years ago and my GP
prescribed Naproxen, which I took for months. It significantly reduced the
pain--but guess what, my protein numbers started to climb for the first time
ever. When I saw my new endo, he ordered me to stop taking Naproxen
immediately, and the protein diminished.

Most doctors I have seen over the past ten years didn't know anything about
the effects of NSAIDs on diabetics. A couple of times I brought it up and
the docs went to their offices to read up on it and came back saying, "OK,
maybe there's a problem, but the research is not conclusive." My current
endo says not to take them every day over a long period of time, but once in
awhile for a headache is OK.

By the way, the first time I heard about NSAIDs and diabetics was on the
radio--think it was Dr. Dean O'Dell, who said that they affected the eyes
(did not mention the kidneys) of diabetics. Subsequently I have asked
various ophthalmologists about it and none of them could confirm it.

By the way, since I can't take Naproxen or Advil, I'm taking Celebrex for my
arm. Any know of problems associated with this one?

JP, diag. 37yrs., pumping since 5/01
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