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I am new to a mini-med pump and have a question for you experienced pumpers.  
I have been insulin dependent for 21 years.  I have always liked tight 
control.  I have had many insulin reactions in my life and been in the ER an 
awful lot.  I work for a New York State Psychiatric hospital in Syracuse, NY. 
 I have had two insulin reactions in the past two years while at work in a 
group home where I care for mentally handicapped adults.  I was the only 
staff member on duty at the time and the pts. called 911 for me.  My employer 
is getting worried that I may not be able to work alone.  What would happen 
if they told me they didn't think I could perform my duties and wanted to let 
me go?  My work has always gotten high marks but diabetes problems have 
gotten me where I am today.  I work for the state like I said and they have 
been nice so far but this has started to bug me.  I am trying to get things 
going with the pump and meet with my dr. and reps from mini-med. I know that 
only I can make it work but it is hard at times as you all know.  Anyway, has 
anyone heard of cases like this or gotten involved with diabetes related 
termination's?  I'm still trying.   Terry Barkley
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