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[IP] New chat....

    The moon glistened on the new fallen snow as the group in the warm,
brightly lit room chatted amicably amongst themselves.
    The are a very distinguished group. Brought together by the common
interest of Diabetes and the insulin pump.
    Many of them are close friends, and those who have never been before were
always welcomed with open arms.
    Now this group talked about many things, especially diabetes and most
importantly...the pump. But invariably, for some strange and unknown reason,
talk always seemed to turn to food...be it talk of a great meal, or the
smallest snack.
    Now this chat happened on a nightly basis, and every night there were
different hosts and co-hosts. And it happened at approximately the same time
every night...9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific...And it is always held in the most
glamorous of all rooms, the Anytime room. Now the hosts for tonight's chat is
in fact the Wonderful Wendy and her co-host for the evening is the Charming
    If you are indeed new to the chat, all you have to do to join in this
conversation is to go to the IP Home page, click on the chat link, choose the
Anytime room, Click go, type in your FULL email address...the one you signed
up with, and the word pumper (all in lowercase letters), and then hit okay.
You will then be on your way to a guaranteed amusing time filled with
enlightening conversation...you will hear about some things you already
know...but you might also learn something new...

    Hope to see you there!

Cherry & Jubilee

Your suffering may make an angel weep into her wings,
but it will never make her walk away
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