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RE: [IP] Type 1 Genetics

Natalie Sera [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> It also explains why DM1 can pop up out of the blue in a 
> family -- if a
> recessive S gene has been there all along, it may never have shown up
> because there were P genes along with it for many 
> generations. And then all
> of a sudden someone inherits an S gene with NO P gene, AND is 
> exposed to an
> environmental trigger, and POOF you have Type 1 DM.

While this is an excellent discussion, as was Spot's, they both presume a
genetic component.  Such has never been demonstrated by any research, no
matter how logical it may be.
> If we had sufficient and detailed records, I'm pretty sure 
> that SOMEWHERE in
> the family, in the pre-insulin days, we'd find that someone 
> died of DM1 --
> it may not have been recognized or recorded as such, but it was there.

This could probably be said for most of us.  In fact, it could probably be
said for almost anyone.  What we see today that would be far less likely in
pre-insulin therapy (not pre-insulin!) is that before then most people with
type 1 DM did not live long enough to reproduce.  This is one of the
problems with finding an hereditary component of type 1.  Type 1 diabetics
simply had little or no reproductive fitness.

Jim Handsfield
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email @ redacted

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