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[IP] Type 1 Genetics

This is a quote from Gretchen Becker, who authored and published book about
Type 2 recently.

> I'm editing a chapter on the pancreas and came across some interesting
> comments about genes for type 1 diabetes.
> With type 1, you inherit not the disease, but susceptibility to the
> It takes some kind of environmental trigger, maybe a virus or a chemical,
> precipitate the disease. I think this is old news.
> What I'd never heard before is that the same region of the genome that can
> produce susceptibility to DM1 can also produce protection. And *the
> protection gene is dominant* over susceptibility. So, if you had one
> susceptible gene (S) and one protective gene (P), you'd be protected.
> This would explain why DM1 can skip generations. Let's say your
> had two S genes, and no P genes, and she had diabetes. She gave one S gene
> to your father, but he also got a P gene from his father, so even though
> had the S gene, he was protected, because the P gene is dominant..
> He passed the S gene on to you, but not the P gene, so if you didn't get a
> gene from your mother either and were exposed to the environmental
> you would get diabetes.

It also explains why DM1 can pop up out of the blue in a family -- if a
recessive S gene has been there all along, it may never have shown up
because there were P genes along with it for many generations. And then all
of a sudden someone inherits an S gene with NO P gene, AND is exposed to an
environmental trigger, and POOF you have Type 1 DM.

If we had sufficient and detailed records, I'm pretty sure that SOMEWHERE in
the family, in the pre-insulin days, we'd find that someone died of DM1 --
it may not have been recognized or recorded as such, but it was there.

Natalie ._c-
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