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[IP] Split bolus

>>> If it is rather large, around 5-7 units
bolus, he splits it up and he is SURE that he did both halves.  But then
ends up high and if we check his pump memory for boluses I'd say 98% of the
time he forgot half of the previous bolus.  I wish there was a cure for
this!!!   >>>

It's interesting with the modern technology, that our pumps cannot give part
of a bolus, set a delay of however many minutes we desire, and have it
deliver the rest. From 1983 - 1992 the pump I used did just that! So why,
even though that company no longer makes pumps, cannot that technology be
incorporated into present-day pumps?????  That pump had only one basal rate
and only last bolus recall - but, hey, splitting a bolus should be available
with all pumps today. Is it rocket science? lol   (~_^)

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