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Re: [IP] Re: leaving children alone

Hi This is Sylvia, mom to Joshua who has been pumping 2 years now and just 
turned 10.  Like Barb, mum to CLaire, the cell phone is an excellent resource 
to have around.  I am now more comfortable leaving Josh at home for a few 
hours alone but he knows that the cell phone is always on when I am away from 
him.  Shoot I even have the cell phone on during school so they can contact 
me if needed!  Since Josh was dxd at age 5, I have been doing most of his 
care.  But he is really good at BG checks and calculating, in his head no 
doubt, his bolus factors and carb ratios.  Now if I can just get him to 
remmeber to bolus the whole amount.  If it is rather large, around 5-7 units 
bolus, he splits it up and he is SURE that he did both halves.  But then ends 
up high and if we check his pump memory for boluses I'd say 98% of the time 
he forgot half of the previous bolus.  I wish there was a cure for this!!!  
But as for leaving him alone, he has shown me on several occasions that he 
can be trusted and he is getting better at recognizing highs and lows as he 
gets older.   But as a parent of a child with D.  I sure do find it hard to 
let go!!!!!!

mom to Joshua
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