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[IP] stuff to investigate and record

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: D prevention

There are family associations in some T1 diabetics! My 2 brothers and I have
it. My first cousin had it until she died.
I am working on a genealogy project. I found a distant cousin from the same
side as my deceased cousin who has a sister and 2 children with it.
It has to be inherited.

BTW, my mom (not diabetic) my brother and I are all severely allergic to some

I think that in the future they will find many causes for T1/

yes there are family associations in t1- you need to have a certain haplotype
to get t1. a number of other autoimmune diseases also occur with t1:
Hashimotos thyroiditis, Pernicious anaemia, Poly endocrine syndrome, celiac
disease, myesthenia gravis, you should see if any of these diseases are
present. In my family, 2 cases of hashimotos, 2 iddm, 1 pernicious anemia.
Haplotype in all of these cases was HLA DR-DR or DRQ my cousin has IDDM too
both of her parents were t2 diabetics. keep these records and pass them on to
other family members. If it was inherited ythen why do identical twins not
each have it.
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