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[IP] Kudos to Accu Check!

Hi All,
I just wanted to share a positive experience I just had with Accu-Check.  I
just had my pump start last Friday 1/4/2. (Yeehaa!  BG's have been excellent
since! Even got through first site change by myself ok!)  I WAS using 3-4
comfort curve test strips a day prior to pumping, but am now testing approx 8x
a day until my basals are set correctly. This increase in testing will cause
my perscription to run out sooner than originally expected.  My rx for test
strips is not due to be renewed until Jan 27th. (I order my test strips by
mail and I get a 3 month supply at once.)  The mail order company will NOT
fill sooner unless I submit a new rx, which I did just today.  Unfortunately,
it takes approx 14 days to get a new rx filled and mailed to you, which means
I will run out 1 week before the new ones arrive. (argh!) I will be leaving on
a business trip to Florida that week as well.  Needless to say,  I've been
stressing over this since I realized I'll be running out around the time I'm
due to leave on my business trip!  I called Accu-Check and explained the
situation. They were MOST helpful and offered to send me a bottle of 50 strips
to hold me over until I get back from my business trip. KUDOS to Accu Check
for being so helpful! ( I have no affiliation with this company, just a VERY
happy customer!)
Pat  Vigneau - Cinnaminson NJ - dx'd 04/01, pumping since 01/04/02!
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