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[IP] D prevention

So far, there is no statistical association that has been detected.
doesn't mean it isn't there.  Some of the work being done is basic
research - to find out *if* there is a genetic component.

The immune system is incredibly complex, and no one really knows why or
it gets fooled in type 1 DM to cause the immune system to attack beta
In your case, all we can say it that it *appears* to be a coincidence
both your kids have developed DM.

That's why we need a lot more research -- somewhere there are some
about genetic, environmental, viral, and other causes of type 1 DM.  We
haven't found them yet, at least in any way that is statistically
and valid.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

which is why, in my opinion, we need to be testing & testing, newborns,
even, to see if there is some component that is being missed, to see who
may be at risk... and so much more. i am no doctor, fir sure, but i cant
see any testing being a waste of time, money or effort. i havent yet
read about what they are planning to do with the testing of newborns in
florida... but any information gathered will surely be used for good...
Sharon, mom to Gabrielle 13 dx 5/98
and Steven 7 dx 7/00, pumping!!!
Brooklyn, New York
"Where's the #*&$ cure?"
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