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Re: [IP] Weird Question - A Little Off-Topic

At 05:35 PM 1/7/02 -0800, you wrote:
 >Thought I'd come to the experts on this one!
 >There have been several posts in the past from folks here about their 'betic
 >pets, mostly cats in my observation.  I'm curious, anyone have a dog with D?
 >What symptoms did you observe with your animal when he/she became 
diabetic?  I
 >know you can give them injections, but what type of insulin do you use?

When I was a child my uncle had a dachshund with diabetes.  He checked the 
dog's urine for sugar three or four times a day and gave him an injection 
of NPH twice a day.  At that time it must have been pork insulin.  I don't 
know what people use for animals now.

You said, though, that your dog is off her feed.  That's not consistent 
with the presentation of diabetes, as I understand it.  Normally you'll see 
increased eating, drinking, and urinating.

If you're worried about your dog why don't you take her to the 
vet.  She/He's the real pro in this situation.

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