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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #20

There are 'normal pre-meal and fasting BGs and then there are "normal" post 
meal BGs usually about 2 hours after eating, depending on the meal content.  
Most people never hear about the normal post meal numbers and then assume all 
BG numbers should be the same as the pre-meal BGs.  Not so.

People without diabetes can be at 140, two hours after eating. This can vary 
with age. Small children and the elderly will have higher numbers. This is 
why high BG correction factors are often used only when the BG is over a 
specific target number...160 or 180 (for most adults), and higher for 
children and the elderly... possibly 200mg/dl.   Trying to correct post meal 
BG to 120, or expecting to get it below that can only set you up for that 
"roller-coaster ride."


> If I am in common target range
> (80-120) two hours after eating I will certainly go
> low. I like to be in the 150-160 range two hours
> later, but am even struggling with getting numbers
> this good.
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