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No Subject

  I just had a quick thought.... I want a cure and i want a prevention and I 
want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! So put me on the list!!!!!!!!!
   Seriously though, I have been trying to get through the insulin pumpers 
book by John Walsh, and I am really learning a lot and recommend it highly, 
The pump I use doesn't have a square wave bolus, but when i look in the 
book, at the unused insulin rule, and how long you have to wait to consider 
it all used up, aren't all boluses pretty much a square wave so to speak? 
After all it takes awhile for them to be used up. Just a thought, let me 
know what you pumpers think.
          P.S. so far a lifer, no signs of an early parole for good 
behavior, but we are such a great bunch, this is a pretty neat disease to 
have, I bet the other ones don't have the fun we have, and do they fight 
amongst themselves like the people here do? At least we have worthy 
opponents... so instead of fighting each other, lets join forces and fight 
for the cure, and the prevention, and the whole lot!
                                                   Love you all,

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