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[IP] Re: leaving children alone

     I don't think there is an easy answer for us on this question.  The way 
I feel, I hate to ever be away from Claire!!!  But the cell (mobile) phone is 
really a big help.  With it you can approach the matter in about the same way 
as you would with a non DM kid.  I have left Claire in the care of her older 
brother while I have gone out on quick errands and she refuses to come.  She 
is clear on the instructions--take some fast sugar if she feels low, she 
doesn't have to test first if she doesn't feel capable.  I stress this to her 
brother--the important thing is to get the sugar in.  Then make the phone 
call to me.  
     In her first year of dx, at age 3, I did a lot of reading and read 
somewhere that mums always telephone their adult DM "kids" in the mornings 
after they have moved out.  The next year while on a bus tour in Europe (of 
course Claire came with me), we met a lovely young lady, about age 25-27, 
with DM who spoke about how she soon wanted to start a family (so I presumed 
she lived with her male travelling companion).  I asked her if her Mum phoned 
her every morning, and she looked at me shocked and said "How did you know 
     Do what you feel comfortable with at the time.  I don't think there are 
any "right" answers here, and situations are constantly changing.  Best of 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 

> At what age do you leave your diabetic child at home alone?  I understand
> the maturity issue but what about the diabetes issue?  Does it depend if
> he's been "stable" lately, do you check blood before you leave, do you 
> limit
> the number of hours you are willing to be gone?  Thanks. Kathy
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