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[IP] Why Basals Need to be RE-checked!

Greetings all:
    Happy New Year pumpers old & new. Just checking in to remind those whose 
control seems to be less than optimal, that the "same old same old" advice we 
got 6 years ago from my then 13 yr old daughter's CDE still rings true: "when 
in doubt, check it out"!
    Yesterday Melissa was doing a 24 hr urine anyway, so I suggested we also 
do the overnight fasting test. Since hubby was away on business, I had her 
sleep in our bed to make it easier for me to check on her (she could sleep 
through an earthquake - couldn't rely upon her to awaken repeatedly!)..
    Finished a low fat dinner by 7:00..took 6 units for 60 grms of carbs & 
re-checked at 11:00- blood sugar: 105...great...Hmmmmmm....guess again. Since 
I was looking for patterns, I decided to check every 2 hours (not typically 
what we'd done in the past, but she was more than willing to oblige by 
sleeping the day away...still on winter break here!!):
    1:00 a.m. 159
     3:00 a.m. 154
     5:00 a.m. 243                    
     7:00 a.m. 191                    
     9:00 a.m. 192                  
    11:00 a.m. 124
       1:00 p.m. 92
Needless to say, she sent her CDE in NYC an e-mail today requesting that her 
rates be adjusted appropriately!!
    So just a reminder....we knew she needed to re-do those fasts since they 
were last done in the spring & were all correctly set, but....oh well, you 
all know how it is! At least there's more of an explanation for the higher 
A1C she had last month.
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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