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[IP] Re: Weird reaction to marshmallows!!

I'm curious, what meters are you using when you get this discrepancy in 
bgs?  I got into a discussion of this with a LifeScan rep when I got my 
first FastTake meter.  She told me that it shouldn't matter if you have any 
leftover sugar or such on your hands, the meter wouldn't pick it up, I 
don't remember her exact explanation.  Similar to testing a coke with my 
meter and I get an error rather than a reading.  Anyways, so I wanted to 
test what she said, and with her on the phone, I smeared honey on my finger 
(was the only thing I could thing of that was easy to smear) and I 
tested.  My bg came up good (this was awhile ago so I don't remember the 
exact number).  So I tested on a clean finger and the results were just a 
couple points off.  I'm not saying this can't happen, but I'm just curious 
about this whole issue.

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