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[IP] Re: weird reaction to marshmallows!!

Barbara (and everyone else),

I agree with Jan and James, it's probably the sugar on
your hands or just one of those fun readings we get
every now and again.

However, your post reminded me of something I
discovered a while back.  Be very careful about
washing your hands before testing after using any kind
of moisturizing lotion as well.  There are several
brands on the market now that utilize a glycolic or
AHA-like compound to smooth skin and sometimes that
compound is simply .... sugar.  Sugar is known for
it's exfoliating ability.

I learned the hard way after testing one evening after
getting ready for bed (and using a brand-new
moisturizer) and my BS was extraordinarily high.  I
panicked first, wiped my finger with alcohol, let it
dry and tested again and it was about 200 mg/dl less. 
Wiped, dried, tested again, and it was about 100 less
than that.  Finally read the ingredients on the bottle
of moisturizer I had just used and felt like an idiot.

Thanks for reminding me, Barbara - thought I'd pass
this information along as well.

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The only thing I can come up with was the last
marshmallow I ate I "roasted" over the stove, and it
got sticky and gooey.  When I tested again after 1/2
hour, a tiny amount of the goo may still have been on
some of my fingers.  Could that possibly have been the
reason??? Direct sugar in the blood droplet?? I am
clueless.  To confirm the reading of 116, I washed my
hands well and retested again - 117.  So .......where
does that leave me?

The readings since then have been predictable.

My first Q is, did you wash you hands before the FIRST
test? If not - that
is definitely your answer. The second test would have
been more accurate if
you used the same finger (you didn't say) and the
first test's blood was
wiped off kinda mocking a hand-washing. After the
*real* handwashing, the
result was the same as the 2nd test.

That's my 3.2 cents worth. YMMV (~_^)

\(/ Jan (62 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda 

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