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Re: [IP] D prevention

Sharon Santana <email @ redacted> wrote:

> but jim, if there are NO family associations present in type 1, then why
> are we (some of us) having the siblings of our type 1 children tested
> for antibodies? why are they at greater risk than the general public for
> developing type 1? how did BOTH of my children end up with type 1? i
> understand that it is an autoimmune disease, i really do. but doesnt
> heredity play SOME into this? otherwise.... i dont know... maybe one of
> my kids would have been spared. and by prevention in my earlier post...
> i did mean with a vaccine as a means of prevention. not by lifestyle
> changes. and i was speaking strictly type 1, which is what both my kids
> have.

So far, there is no statistical association that has been detected.  That
doesn't mean it isn't there.  Some of the work being done is basic
research - to find out *if* there is a genetic component.

The immune system is incredibly complex, and no one really knows why or how
it gets fooled in type 1 DM to cause the immune system to attack beta cells.
In your case, all we can say it that it *appears* to be a coincidence that
both your kids have developed DM.

That's why we need a lot more research -- somewhere there are some answers
about genetic, environmental, viral, and other causes of type 1 DM.  We
haven't found them yet, at least in any way that is statistically verifiable
and valid.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

The opinions expressed are mine and do not necessarily represent those of my
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