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Re: [IP] marathon discouraged by dr. and other depression inducers

<< I also began training this week for Team Diabetes to run in the Kona 
and was feeling great about it. I was so motivated.
But then this morning I had my annual gyno exam and told my doctor about my 
marathon plans. She was very discouraging. She advised against it based on 
the stress it would put on my body and particularly my kidneys. >>

You know what, Deanna?  You're a smart girl.  I trust you to talk with other 
diabetic athletes, talk with your endo (who I would guess is more 
knowledgeable about diabetes than a gynecologist), and then listen to your 
heart and make an educated decision--based on what's right for YOU, not what 
other people tell you.

Please don't let what *one* person says to you affect your inner confidence 
and strength.  I had the same thing as you:  one kidney test that was out of 
range (the next two were fine), and my endo has completely supported my plan 
to ride my bicycle cross country.  Check into 
http://www.diabetes-exercise.org/.  They have support groups for diabetic 
athletes--and I checked, and there's one in Los Angeles.

Ask questions, do research, then DO WHAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU.  And enjoy your 
pump start tomorrow!   :-)

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