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[IP] D prevention

Prevention is *always* better than treatment.  Let me repeat that:
prevention is *always* better than treatment.

But until we know a lot more about autoimmune response, specifically
respect to DM type 1, we're going to have to settle for better and
treatment.  CSII is the current state of the art.

We have some pretty good indicators associated with type 2 DM, but
prevention there will likely involve genetic testing, along with all the

ethical issues.  Aside from family associations (*NOT* present in type
lack of exercise, poor diet, and obesity are three things that parents
deal with to help prevent type 2 dm from finding their kids.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

but jim, if there are NO family associations present in type 1, then why
are we (some of us) having the siblings of our type 1 children tested
for antibodies? why are they at greater risk than the general public for
developing type 1? how did BOTH of my children end up with type 1? i
understand that it is an autoimmune disease, i really do. but doesnt
heredity play SOME into this? otherwise.... i dont know... maybe one of
my kids would have been spared. and by prevention in my earlier post...
i did mean with a vaccine as a means of prevention. not by lifestyle
changes. and i was speaking strictly type 1, which is what both my kids

Sharon, mom to Gabrielle 13 dx 5/98, MDI
and Steven 7 dx 7/00, pumping!!!
Brooklyn, New York
"Where's the #*&$ cure?"
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