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[IP] post-prandial highs - skinny!!

I have post-prandial highs very bad at noon meal.  I am also very skinny.
Diagnosed type 1 at age 37 - have always exercised a lot, etc.  After much
testing and fasting, my daily ins. dose on the pump runs about 30 units.
However - not like anything in "pumping insulin" my basal is 5 units and the
remainder is bolus.  My basal rate changes ten times per day but once I got it
right I could practically fast forever and stay between 80 and 110.  Put meals
in there and I get all messed up but I am finally getting it figured out.  I
use 1:7 carb ratio for breakfast; 1:4 carb ratio for noon meal and 1:8 carb
ratio for evening meal.
 I always had a very hard time on Humalog/Ultra Lente with highs and lows and
after figuring out the above it is no wonder why.  My CDE says she has a few
other people like this also - type 1's that are thin and exercise a lot.  The
majority of all insulin is to cover meals as being active enough all day
doesn't take much basal.  However I can easily end up in upper 200's and 300's
after noon meal if I don't take a LOT of insulin to cover that meal!
Good luck - just keep fasting until you get it right!  YMMV
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