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Re: [IP] high postprandial blood sugars

> we emailed some numbers to our endo today, and he's concerned about
> some of the higher numbers during the day.
> we've found that our daughter's numbers rise after a meal, and that
> the H doesnt seem to kick in until at least an hour afterward. we
> are hesitant to bolus more, because it keeps working for at least 4
> hours, when her blood sugars return to normal, and if we gave more,
> she'd be low later on.
> besides bolusing signifigantly before a meal, which is risky with a
> 4 year old, does anyone have any ideas?
Hmmmm.... you might try Novolog and see if the activity curve is 
quicker for her. The reports over the years on H seem to indicate 
that there are some for whom it takes a while to work. Maybe this 
would not be the case for a different insulin analog. Wouldn't hurt 
to give it a whirl after talking to your endo.
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