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Re: [IP] re: Teens & pumping

> Hi everyone,
> Barb B wrote
> >>>>>>It isn't unusual for kids in puberty and early teen years to need more
> basal
> insulin. A dietitian I know, says to let the kid eat and provide the
> insulin that is needed. It isn't unusual to see basal rates go to
> 1.2 u/hr or more. I know one teenage male who had a basal rate of
> 2.0 u/hr most of the time. Bolus ratios might also need to be
> adjusted. This is likely to be the time in their normal growth and
> development that the basal is at its highest, excluding illness or
> infection.<<<<<<

ditto that. Lily ran a night time basal of 2u/hr for awhile. Scared 
the c--p outta me, but it worked for her.

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