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Re: [IP] advil NOT!

> >While NSAIDS may be great for your shoulder, they are not so great
> >for your kidneys. Like diabetes, the damage done at any given time is
> >small and not noticeable. Over time, the cumulative effects can be
> >not-so-great. Everyone is different, but the studies done to date
> >indicate that people with kidney problems or likely to have kidney
> >problems should steer clear of NSAIDS when possible.
> >
> >Michael
> >email @ redacted
> I still believe that this is a YMMV thing, and I think it should be
> carefully discussed between you and your doctor.

Sure it's YMMV, the problem is that most docs that prescribe NSAIDS 
haven't a clue that someone with diabetes really should be very 
careful about taking these things AND they have not read the 
scientific literature about use of NSAIDS by diabetics or people at 
risk for kidney disease. I'm not really faulting the docs, it's not 
possible for them to read everything, particularly if they are GP's 
or ortho's treating a diabetic that's just part of their general 
patient population. It's up to those with diabetes to be proactive 
about the knowledge necessary to survive the current medical system. 
Forwarned is forarmed with the knowledge to "take care".

email @ redacted
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