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[IP] marathon discouraged by dr. and other depression inducers

Hi all,
I also began training this week for Team Diabetes to run in the Kona marathon 
and was feeling great about it. I was so motivated.
But then this morning I had my annual gyno exam and told my doctor about my 
marathon plans. She was very discouraging. She advised against it based on 
the stress it would put on my body and particularly my kidneys. I had 
evidence of mild kidney disease in lab results last year. My a1c was only 
7.6. Now it's down to 6.2 and the kidney disease has reversed. But based on 
this history and the "damage to my kidneys," she doesn't think a marathon is 
a good idea. She said she would support my running a half marathon, but I'm 
really disappointed and sad. I'm so tired of not being able to attain goals.
I was really looking forward to being a success for a change. I've had some 
real career disappointments and stresses that led to marginal bg control last 
year that I've been able to turn around. I quit my job because it was 
affecting my health and I wasn't achieving my goals fast enough to get out of 
the situation. The marathon, I thought, was something I could do without 
depending on other people/things coming through. It would restore my 
self-confidence, I thought.
Now I just feel sad and horrible. I never thought there would be an issue 
with me running the marathon. There are other diabetics on the team, some 
with the disease much longer than me. I am going to discuss it with my endo 
and see what he says. But now I feel this tremendous pressure. I don't want 
to jeopardize my health, but I want to do this.
I'm also getting a lot of pressure from endo and gyno about having babies. I 
am 30 and have had dibetes 9 years. My husband and I want to start trying to 
have a family in about a year or two. Why not now? Because I'm overwhelmed 
with life transitions right now, i.e. going on the pump and finding a job 
again. We also live in a one-bedroom apartment and I don't want to share it 
with a husband, dog and baby. We need to move/buy a house. I can't do all of 
this at once.
Tomorrow I'm due to start pumping and have been feeling pretty good about it 
until now. All of this other stuff has just made it seem more daunting. 
OK, this has gotten long enough. Any advice out there?
dxed IDDM 9/92, getting pumped 1/8/02!
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