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Re: [IP] having an endo

>I never had an endo until around ten years ago after being diabetic >for 
>more than 25 years and that idiot nearly killed me.

This sounds familiar.  When I was little I went to Joslin in Boston, and saw 
a Pedi diabetes specialist.  It was horrid.

I went to a (believe it or not) heart specilist for my diabetes and she was 
the best thingthat ever happened to me.  Then I got stuck with another 
so-called diabetes specialist who was going to let me die because everything 
that was wrong was "all my fault anyway".

The guy I see now is an endo, but not a diabetes specialist.  He does know a 
lot about D, and has hundreds of patients with it, but he is aware that 
everyone is different.  No one reacts the same way to the same treatments.  
He is great.  He's one of the few docs that actually admitted he didn't know 
what to do with me.

>Now since I've been down here, these docs are nuts that I have to see >them 
>every three months.  I think it's a waste of my time and money.  >All they 
>do is review my a1c and we discuss that and heck, I can take >my blood test 
>and do that on the phone but can't get pump supplies, >etc. w/o seeing doc 
>every 3 months!

Yep, same for me, although with the guy I see now, I don't really mind.  The 
endo I had before (that was going to let me die) wanted me to come in every 
week for one thing or another.  I fought with her constantly.  It wasn't 

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