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[IP] post-prandial highs

> > My question to the list is: What is your general
> blood glucose range 2
> hours
> > after you eat??? I find that totally impossible to
> do (I am usually 180 to
> > 270 or more) and to believe. I really want to know
> if it's possible????
> >
> > 
> you can get these sugars by taking your bolus prior
> to eating. YMMV spot. I'm like you if
> I don't compensate I have
> lots of 180-270 highs after a meal and my doc blames
> it on weight gain.

I am busting my hump trying to get rid of similar
post-prandial highs. If I am in common target range
(80-120) two hours after eating I will certainly go
low. I like to be in the 150-160 range two hours
later, but am even struggling with getting numbers
this good. I also find if I bolus before eating I have
a low or worse, *feel* low for hours, prompting me to
constantly check my BGs. I'm also skinny as hell.

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