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Re: [IP] re: screening in FLA and breastfeeding

>Our daughter is now 4 and was diagnosed at 12 months old. she was nursing on
>demand at diagnosis. (the nutritionist actually told me that i wouldnt be able
>to breastfeed a diabetic child, luckily, endo corrected that)
>all the nurses in the hospital were shocked to see me nursing her and would
>say ' but we thought breastfeeding prevents diabetes!"
>as has been mentioned here previously, there is currently no known prevention.
>yes, there is a slightly higher correlation, but from what i understood, not
>statistically signifigant, between cow's milk and diabetes.

I think no matter what correlations there are between diabetes and cow's 
milk or breast milk, there will always be exceptions.  My mother breast fed 
all of us kids, it was a regular thing back in the 50's.  Out of 6 kids, 2 
of us ended up with Type 1 diabetes, my sister was dx'd at 4 and I was dx'd 
at 11.  My sister is 6 years younger than me.  My father, however, was dx'd 
with Type 2 in his 50's.  There is Type 2 in his family, no other Type 1 
besides my sister and I.  No diabetes at all in my mother's family.

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