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[IP] re: screening in FLA and breastfeeding

just figured i'd throw in my two cents..

Our daughter is now 4 and was diagnosed at 12 months old. she was nursing on
demand at diagnosis. (the nutritionist actually told me that i wouldnt be able
to breastfeed a diabetic child, luckily, endo corrected that)
all the nurses in the hospital were shocked to see me nursing her and would
say ' but we thought breastfeeding prevents diabetes!"
as has been mentioned here previously, there is currently no known prevention.
yes, there is a slightly higher correlation, but from what i understood, not
statistically signifigant, between cow's milk and diabetes.

we looked into this when we were expecting our second child.
more interestingly, we also spoke to the researcher quoted in the article
about the trials in FLA, because they had already had some success in
identifying more 'at risk' people.
he said it did not make sense to test our second child since there was nothing
we could do if he was shown to have a higher risk. even if he doesnt have a
higher risk, he might be diagnosed with D, and even if he is more at risk, he
may not. on his advice, we decided there was no real point. would i want to
prevent diabetes in my son? absolutely. do i think just knowing whether he is
more at risk would prevent anything? no.

i would be curious why he now thinks this study is worthwhile. unless tracking
patterns may be helpful in identifying triggers or more 'at risk' things to
help find a way to prevent in the future...but currently, what to do with the
info? fine, you know the child is more at risk, then what? this is not
prevention, but screening. to what end? i'd be curious what the goals of the
study are.
does anyone have more info?

i'd also like to note that our daughter was diagnosed when she was in dka and
nonresponsive. would we be more aware of the symptoms of diabetes if we knew
our son was more or less at risk? i dont think so, i think we're aware enough
of the symptoms either way.

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