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[IP] help i cant abide needing -Question!?!

Subject: Re: [IP] help i cant abide needing -Question!?!

> Do you mean you are 78 - 110 2 hours after you eat????
> My question to the list is: What is your general blood glucose range 2
> after you eat??? I find that totally impossible to do (I am usually 180 to
> 270 or more) and to believe. I really want to know if it's possible????
> Sue (dalgal)
you can get these sugars by taking your bolus prior to eating. Figire out if
your target range is reached 2 hours after the bolu, consider giving the bolus
an hour and a half before you eat. You needto do lots of testing so you dont
get a lot of freeky lows. YMMV spot. I'm like you if I don't compensate I have
lots of 180-270 highs after a meal and my doc blames it on weight gain.when I
was skinny, 168 pounds, I still had it. Go figure. the answer for every
diabetes question is you are too fat, go loose weight. and "Don't eat so much"
My 5'1" shrimpy daughter weighs 105 pounds, her endo told her she is too fat.
She lost all her weight gain from pregnancy and works out every day at the
gym. she is a lifter and a stairmaster power user. Go figure
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