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Re: [IP] help i cant abide needing -Question!?!

<< If he eats a very low fat, all carb food such as cereal, he will go high 
(over 200) and then crash back down to normal.  I know diabetics are supposed 
to eat low fat, but it's so hard to keep his b.s. down if it's really low 
fat.  I guess we have to choose the lesser of two evils.  Hope this helps.
-Mom to Braden, 5, dx'd @ 2 >>

Hi Beth,

I don't think the problem is low fat, but is more likely due to eating 
*simple* carbohydrates rather than complex carbs.

I follow a 10%-fat diet most of the time and am vegetarian--except when I 
decide to indulge (like birthday, Xmas, etc).  I eat beans, whole grains, 
vegetables, and fruits.  The only time I have a problem like you described 
with Braden (going pretty high after a meal, then coming down fast), is when 
I've eaten a carb meal that is not fiber-rich.  Breakfast cereals are a 
killer for me, for that reason.  When I eat oatmeal, in comparison, my BGs 
are smooth and regular.  When I eat 100% whole-wheat toast, no problem.  But 
if I eat sourdough, or another toast that's mainly white flour, I have the 
rise you described.

I am not inflexible about it--I do sometimes make the decision to have 
something that I know will raise my post-prandial reading higher than it 
should be--but I think as long as I don't make a habit of it, it's not a real 

That said, I'm sure it's more difficult with a child.  He wants his cereal 
and wants to be like other kids.  I am not suggesting that you can do these 
things with Braden...just wanted to clarify that for most people, it is 
possible to eat low fat and still have good post-prandials, but the key is 
complex carbs, IMO.

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