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[IP] Teenagers and Diabetes

I was diagnosed at the age of 13 and I am thankful that my mom is also a T1 
DMER.  If it hadn't been for her having the disease also, I think my life 
would have changed and done a complete 360.  I was still allowed to do all 
the things I had done before being diagnosed.  I know my parents still wanted 
me to feel like a "regular teenager."

I spent the night at friend's homes, I went to parties, I dated, and I went 
to camp and all the other fun stuff a kid is supposed to do.  Everyone was 
aware that I was a little "different" but no one said anything about it and 
just let me do my thing when I needed to do it.  

I was NOT allowed to come home from the hospital until I was testing my own 
BG's and giving my own shots.  I think that was one of the best things that 
ever happened to me, because starting right out from day 1 I was responsible 
for my own care.  Mom was there to help if I needed it, but other than that - 
I was responsible for testing and giving my insulin injections.  She would 
help with the Regular amount I was to give (her being familiar with the after 
affects of dropping) but other than that it sat all upon my shoulders.

Let your kids be kids and let them figure some of the stuff out for 
themselves, otherwise later in life they will have NO idea what to do and we 
all leave the nest sooner or later.

Good luck to all you parents!!

17 years T1
Pumping since 4/1/01
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