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e: [IP] Birth control pills and blood sugar control

I'm on birth control pills for -- well, birth control!  I guess really
it's conception prevention :-).

Since my basal needs are lower during period week, I have two basal
rates:  one for period week, and one for the other three weeks of the
month.  During period week all my basals are 0.1 unit less per hour
(from 0.6 and 0.4 throughout the day to 0.5 and 0.3 throughout the day
-- yes this small change makes a difference for me).

On the pill, everything is _very_ predictable.  Last real pill is
Saturday evening, switch to period-week basal on Monday, period starts
Wednesday morning, take first pill of next package on Sunday evening,
and switch back to standard basal profile at the same time.

This is with one of the pills that has the same dosage of hormones
throughout the 21 days of taking it (other 7 days are a placebo).  If
your daughter is on one of the 7/7/7 pills, where the hormones are
different each week, it's likely that she'll see a different pattern
(since YMMV, she probably will, anyway!).

Type 1 since 08/93, pumping since 12/95, MM 508
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