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[IP] Re: weird reaction to marshmallows!!

Okay, all you scientific types - please come up with an answer to this one
if you can.

I was treating a low the other day (63) with 3 marshmallows (which come out
to about 15 grams).  Just love marshmallows, and since they're high sugar
and low fat, thought they'd be a great alternative to glucose tablets.
Okay, I tested again in about 1/2 hour and was flabbergasted to see the
meter read 302.  I panicked, thought of bolusing, but then reason set in
and I figured that couldn't possibly be correct.  When I retested on aother
finger, I got 116, but I was badly shaken.  What had caused that high

The only thing I can come up with was the last marshmallow I ate I
"roasted" over the stove, and it got sticky and gooey.  When I tested again
after 1/2 hour, a tiny amount of the goo may still have been on some of my
fingers.  Could that possibly have been the reason??? Direct sugar in the
blood droplet?? I am clueless.  To confirm the reading of 116, I washed my
hands well and retested again - 117.  So .......where does that leave me?
The readings since then have been predictable.

Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks much,
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