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[IP] Animas Pump and Quick-sets

Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me. I recently changed to MM
Quick-sets and LOVE them. Around the same time, I received a brand new
pump from Animas because my first pump from them broke. Literally at
least every other day since I changed pumps and sets, I receive occlusion
alarms. I know I am setting everything up correctly and I believe this is
a pump problem but before I call Animas or MM, I was wondering if anyone
has experienced frequent occlusion problems with either the Quick-sets or
the Animas pump, or the combination of the 2. I NEVER had occlusion
alarms while using my original Animas pump and while using any other
sets. I've tried replacing the set and the tubing separately and neither
work on their own. It actually takes me filling a brand new cartridge for
everything to work properly...thus, I believe this is a pump and motor
issue. I've tried just about everything and now find myself changing sets
almost every day, changing cartridges that shoul! d last 3 days,
etc...Oddly enough, the rest of the time, the pump and sets work
perfectly...no issues with wrong doses, etc. Any feedback would be really
helpful. I'm feeling really frustrated at the moment. Thanks so much!! -Pam
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