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Thanks Spot, Jan and all the others for your info on this subject.  I think 
all of us here appreciate the sharing of knowledge on all sorts of topics.  I 
never knew that the kidneys "processed" any meds.  I had only heard about the 
liver being the organ that could be damaged by too much of something. The 
ibuprofen that I have purchased in Canada does NOT have any sort of warning 
about its use in any situation.  I always find it interesting to read all the 
info given to users in the USA when possible.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
> The point isn't that NSAIDS affect the BGs, it's the long-term wear on the
> kidneys processing them. DMers have a propensity towards kidney disease and
> NSAIDS do their quiet work until it's too late to discover that's what may
> have done it. 
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