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[IP] Re: DM testing in Florida

In a message dated 1/6/02 4:39:37 PM Pacific Standard Time, Pat writes:

> I am so behind you on this Michael!  That is why I couldn't believe the lady
> that wanted all the money to go to curing diabetes..why not try to stop it
> to! My gosh, that was so closed minded as you mentioned!  We wouldn't have
> all the vaccines that we do to prevent alot of the other diseases if we all
> thought like that!!

Okay, hold on here.  Ellen certainly did not say ANYTHING closed minded!  
People, read the posts more carefully before you jump on anyone, especially 
someone like Ellen who has personally helped so many people.  She doesn't 
know who I am, but I certainly  have benefitted from her work for kids and 
     The point is, that money is limited.  Florida is spending it on testing 
and for what purpose?  That is the question.  When a child is identified as 
"at risk", what is being done about it?  Are these children and their 
families being offered anything at all, except an infinite amount of worry?  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7--pumping 9 months and helped along the way by Ellen 
and her efforts
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