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[IP] I like reading your messages

I've been insulin-dependent for 35 years and sometimes I feel so alone with
diabetes.  I don't run into very many people who are insulin-dependent and
it brings a lot of life changes that non-chronically ill people don't
understand.  It 's also not their job to understand.

I have a low-blood sugar episode in December that scared some acquaintances.
It brought about behavior unusual for me.Some people understand the
low-blood sugar problem;  sometimes I feel like others are wondering when
this will happen again.

I have made some changes since December.  I had been taking Novolog and,
after the bad low blood sugar & with my physician's approval have switched
back to Humalog.  As I understand it now, my Grams of Carb to Unit of
Insulin ratio
probably should have changed with Novolog.  I've doubled the number of blood
sugar readings, up to eight a day. Extra physical work I typically did once
a month ( the day of this episode) I have said I will no longer do.

I'm lucky to have some friends who understand me and understand diabetes and
some of my experiences with it.  I went on the pump a year and a half ago
after some very bad low (blacked out while driving).two years ago.  Before
those driving incidents I rarely took blood sugar readings.  I was able to
change to do 4 a day. My old diabetes doc had retired and I hooked up with a
new physician who has helped me a great deal. Change is possible.

I joined this group recently and I like to read the wide range of stuff
here.  Thank you.
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