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> Spot,
> I know the labels on NSAIDS warn against diabetics taking them, but all of
my doctors, including
> my endo, have always said it's OK.
> I have never noticed an affect on my BGs.  I have been diabetic since 1979
and have no
> complications.  I can't imagine life without ADVIL!
> Do you really NEVER take an NSAID?  What do you do if you have a headache
or a muscle ache?
> Linda

Guess what, I ain't Spot. If this has been answered, forget what I'm going
to say *()I just got home and still have another digest waiting on me and
this is the beginning of #16).

The point isn't that NSAIDS affect the BGs, it's the long-term wear on the
kidneys processing them. DMers have a propensity towards kidney disease and
NSAIDS do their quiet work until it's too late to discover that's what may
have done it. Just like DM-2 is *the quiet disease*. Many people do not get
dx'd until they have a heart attack, amputation, kidney failure, etc. and
are shocked thinking there was nothing wrong with them. The DM-2 was in the
background doing it's dirty deed unknowingly to the host all along. (~_^)

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