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[IP] re: Teens & pumping

Hi everyone,

Barb B wrote
>>>>>>It isn't unusual for kids in puberty and early teen years to need more
insulin. A dietitian I know, says to let the kid eat and provide the insulin
that is needed. It isn't unusual to see basal rates go to 1.2 u/hr or more. I
know one teenage male who had a basal rate of 2.0 u/hr most of the time.
Bolus ratios might also need to be adjusted. This is likely to be the time in
their normal growth and development that the basal is at its highest,
excluding illness or infection.<<<<<<

Thanks Barb B, you hit the nail on the head!!!
Take it from this mom of a 13 yr old whose basal rates at the age of 10 were
between .2 - .4U/hr  with a carb ratio of 1:20.  Now, 3 years later her basal
rate averages 1.5U/hr, and her carb ratio has changed to 1:10.  Finally, with
the big change in the carb ratio just recently we are seeing more realistic
numbers again. The past few months has been quite a ride.  In an 8 week period
just before Christmas, Erica grew almost 1/2 an inch.  Her appetite has gone
through the roof.  If she were on MDI,  I know this kid would be having a
terrible time.  I shudder at the thought.  At least with pumping, corrections
are possible and with some problem solving and crossed fingers you can make
the ride a little more comfortable.  That is, until you hit another rut in the

Hang on for the ride!!!

Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
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