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Re: [IP] prevention of type 1 - long

Thanks Ellen....and  after all this ...I can see now that you are definitely
NOT closed minded..you are VERY aware!!  Thanks again!!
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Subject: Re: [IP] prevention of type 1 - long

> This is a recent patent application from Dr. Clare-Salzar re prostaglandin
> research to prevent diabetes -  <A
HREF="http://www.islet.org/forum022/messages/20118.htm">Michael Clare-Salzar
patent application</A>
> Another study:
> Litherland SA, Fuller K, She J-X, Hutson AD, Li Y, Grebe KM, Whittaker DS,
> Bahjat K, Wasserfall C, Cook R, Dennis MA, Crockett S, Sleasman J, Cotcher
> Muir A, Silverstein J, Atkinson M, Schatz D, Clare-Salzler MJ:  Monocyte
> prostaglandin synthase 2 aberrantly expressed in infants with HLA Iddm
> alleles and progression to type 1 diabetes. J Clin Invest, 2000
> The Diapep277 protein results were just reviewed in Lancet (I believe).
> said that the results were better with adults with newly onset diabetes in
> protecting remaining beta cells than in children.  I wonder if those
> had LADA rather than typical type 1.  I've asked the researchers directly
> haven't gotten their response.  Unusual since they usually respond when
> praise their results. The results were released from a study in Jerusalem.
> have chatted with at least one parent who had her child in the same study
> Schneider Hospital in Tel Aviv, she also works there, and she said the
> results were vastly different in children than what was released in the
> at 10 months out in Jerusalem.
> Another study for maintaining beta cells in newly diagnosed is being done
> Kevan Herold at Naomi Berrie in NYC.
> I believe the Nicotinamide studies were started by Dr. Bob Elliott in New
> Zealand  and that doctor has recommended one particular source of
> Nicotinamide to be used in the U.S. Do your research before trying this. I
> thought long and hard about using this in my daughter, but ultimately
> about the transient liver  effects .<A
HREF="http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/DivMed/endit.html">University of Bristol -
Division of
> Medicine</A> .  (Dr. Elliott, IMHO , is brilliant and lightyears ahead of
> research with xenotransplantation of porcine islets.)
> Dr. Brod is studying ingesting interferon alpha to prevent destruction of
> beta cells.  Not sure how that's progressing, anyone know?
> I also recommend this article on the Psychological Aspects of Prevention
> Trials http://www.ispad.org/pdf/anmed99.pdf
> Very sincerely yours,
> Ellen H. Ullman
> Mom, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents, Friend,
> Webmaster...<A
amelsRFun/index.html  (KidsRPumping)</A>
> Please support funding a cure for diabetes: Diabetes Research Institute in
> Miami, Florida:  <A HREF="http://www.drinet.org">http://www.drinet.org</A>
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