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Re: [IP] prevention of type 1 - long

This is a recent patent application from Dr. Clare-Salzar re prostaglandin 
research to prevent diabetes -  <A HREF="http://www.islet.org/forum022/messages/20118.htm">Michael Clare-Salzar patent application</A> 

Another study: 
Litherland SA, Fuller K, She J-X, Hutson AD, Li Y, Grebe KM, Whittaker DS, 
Bahjat K, Wasserfall C, Cook R, Dennis MA, Crockett S, Sleasman J, Cotcher J, 
Muir A, Silverstein J, Atkinson M, Schatz D, Clare-Salzler MJ:  Monocyte 
prostaglandin synthase 2 aberrantly expressed in infants with HLA Iddm risk 
alleles and progression to type 1 diabetes. J Clin Invest, 2000 (submitted) 

The Diapep277 protein results were just reviewed in Lancet (I believe).  They 
said that the results were better with adults with newly onset diabetes in 
protecting remaining beta cells than in children.  I wonder if those adults 
had LADA rather than typical type 1.  I've asked the researchers directly but 
haven't gotten their response.  Unusual since they usually respond when you 
praise their results. The results were released from a study in Jerusalem.  I 
have chatted with at least one parent who had her child in the same study at 
Schneider Hospital in Tel Aviv, she also works there, and she said the 
results were vastly different in children than what was released in the study 
at 10 months out in Jerusalem.  

Another study for maintaining beta cells in newly diagnosed is being done by 
Kevan Herold at Naomi Berrie in NYC.

I believe the Nicotinamide studies were started by Dr. Bob Elliott in New 
Zealand  and that doctor has recommended one particular source of 
Nicotinamide to be used in the U.S. Do your research before trying this. I 
thought long and hard about using this in my daughter, but ultimately worried 
about the transient liver  effects .<A HREF="http://www.bris.ac.uk/Depts/DivMed/endit.html">University of Bristol - Division of 
Medicine</A> .  (Dr. Elliott, IMHO , is brilliant and lightyears ahead of much 
research with xenotransplantation of porcine islets.)

Dr. Brod is studying ingesting interferon alpha to prevent destruction of 
beta cells.  Not sure how that's progressing, anyone know?

I also recommend this article on the Psychological Aspects of Prevention 
Trials http://www.ispad.org/pdf/anmed99.pdf

Very sincerely yours,
Ellen H. Ullman
Mom, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
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