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Re: [IP] prevention of type 1 - long

What is the prostanglandin research? Is that supposed to reverse the
antibodies? I don't understand that one very well.  I was at a conference
where there was some researchers there involved  with the Diapep277 , is
that the one where you get involved as soon as you can after the initial
diagnosis of diabetes?  What does  the nicotinamide study involve?

I am sorry that I misunderstood that you weren't also for prevention.
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Subject: [IP] prevention of type 1 - long

> I am fully 100% for preventing onset of type 1.  I am all for funding
> research such as Dr. Clare-Salzar's prostagandlin research as well as the
> Nicotinamide studies and the Diapep277 (which doesn't look as promising as
> they want us to believe at this point) and numerous other prevention
>  I just don't see that simply screening newborns is going to PREVENT type
> diabetes.   <A
">American Diabetes Association - In The News</A> .  There are already
> so many people who have been identified with all the antibody and genetic
> markers - why do we need to spend another $10 million to identify more at
> risk?
> Everyone is entitled to enlist their children in studies to hopefully make
> difference in their health and lives of others, but I caution using our
> children in these studies without knowing what possible negatives can
>  I wrestled for many months deciding about what to do with the information
> received from DPT-1.  Further the DPT-1 would not tell me the titre of my
> child's ICA antibodies.  How can a parent make an intelligent decision
> their child being in a study without knowing all the facts?
> BTW, the study showing oral insulin with a bacterial adjuvant in BB rats
> exacerbating the disease is as follows.  I hope anyone taking the oral
> insulin has researched this thoroughly as well.
> Diabetologia 1998 Jul;41(7):844-7
> Potential risk of oral insulin with adjuvant for the prevention of Type I
> diabetes: a protocol effective in NOD mice may exacerbate disease in BB
> Bellmann K, Kolb H, Rastegar S, Jee P, Scott FW.
> Institute of Diabetes Research at the University of Dusseldorf, Germany.
> The impact of oral treatment with insulin on disease development was
> in diabetes prone BB rats. Because of the positive outcome of a prior
> in non obese diabetic (NOD) mice, BB rats received insulin in combination
> with a bacterial adjuvant. Porcine insulin was given orally twice weekly
> 35-100 days of age, the E. coli preparation OM-89 was fed on alternate
> Other groups received vehicle, the bacterial adjuvant, or insulin alone.
> insulin containing oral dosing regimens induced a transient non
> delay in diabetes onset. Insulin alone, however did not decrease the final
> diabetes incidence. Oral dosing with insulin plus adjuvant caused
> exacerbation of disease development as judged from the decreased survival
> rate in comparison with the insulin treated group (p < 0.05). Intra-islet
> infiltration also increased (p < 0.005) compared with the insulin or
> treated groups. The effect correlated with enhanced interferon gamma
> (IFNgamma) and decreased interleukin 10 (IL-10) gene expression in the gut
> suggesting a shift towards proinflammatory T helper 1 (Th1) reactivity (p
> 0.01). Although treatment with adjuvant alone also increased the degree of
> insulitis, an enhanced incidence of diabetes and a shift in cytokine
> expression was only seen in the group receiving insulin plus adjuvant.
> together, the data suggest that treatment with a bacterial adjuvant and
> insulin may alter the gut immunoregulatory state such that disease
> rather than protective immune responses are induced.
> PMID: 9686928 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
> Very sincerely yours,
> Ellen H. Ullman
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