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[IP] Re: DM testing in Florida

In a message dated 1/6/02 7:29:57 PM, email @ redacted writes:

> The research says that
>there is a trigger for children of Type Is (cow's milk) and formula is
>read by the body as cow's milk.  The idea is to keep babies off cow's
>milk as long as possible (preferably 12 months). 

The cows milk thing may have something to it.  My older brother and I could 
not tolerate formula as babies. My mother had to add lactic acid to our 
formula. She couldn't produce enough milk for either of us.
My younger brother had no problem that we are aware of.
All three of us are T1. My sister is not.
My cousin, Priscilla, could not tolerate cows milk and they fed her goat's 
milk. She is T1 too.
However, my niece and daughter are severely lactose intolerant and neither is 
There may be something to the milk thing, but T1 is an autoimmune disease, so 
who knows. One brother and I are very allergic to cats, unfortunately.

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