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[IP] prevention of type 1 - long

I am fully 100% for preventing onset of type 1.  I am all for funding 
research such as Dr. Clare-Salzar's prostagandlin research as well as the 
Nicotinamide studies and the Diapep277 (which doesn't look as promising as 
they want us to believe at this point) and numerous other prevention studies. 
 I just don't see that simply screening newborns is going to PREVENT type 1 
diabetes.   <A HREF="http://ada.yellowbrix.com/pages/ada/Story.nsp?story_id=26627712&ID=ada">American Diabetes Association - In The News</A> .  There are already 
so many people who have been identified with all the antibody and genetic 
markers - why do we need to spend another $10 million to identify more at 

Everyone is entitled to enlist their children in studies to hopefully make a 
difference in their health and lives of others, but I caution using our 
children in these studies without knowing what possible negatives can result. 
 I wrestled for many months deciding about what to do with the information I 
received from DPT-1.  Further the DPT-1 would not tell me the titre of my 
child's ICA antibodies.  How can a parent make an intelligent decision about 
their child being in a study without knowing all the facts?  
BTW, the study showing oral insulin with a bacterial adjuvant in BB rats 
exacerbating the disease is as follows.  I hope anyone taking the oral 
insulin has researched this thoroughly as well.

Diabetologia 1998 Jul;41(7):844-7    
Potential risk of oral insulin with adjuvant for the prevention of Type I 
diabetes: a protocol effective in NOD mice may exacerbate disease in BB rats.

Bellmann K, Kolb H, Rastegar S, Jee P, Scott FW.

Institute of Diabetes Research at the University of Dusseldorf, Germany.

The impact of oral treatment with insulin on disease development was studied 
in diabetes prone BB rats. Because of the positive outcome of a prior study 
in non obese diabetic (NOD) mice, BB rats received insulin in combination 
with a bacterial adjuvant. Porcine insulin was given orally twice weekly from 
35-100 days of age, the E. coli preparation OM-89 was fed on alternate days. 
Other groups received vehicle, the bacterial adjuvant, or insulin alone. Both 
insulin containing oral dosing regimens induced a transient non significant 
delay in diabetes onset. Insulin alone, however did not decrease the final 
diabetes incidence. Oral dosing with insulin plus adjuvant caused 
exacerbation of disease development as judged from the decreased survival 
rate in comparison with the insulin treated group (p < 0.05). Intra-islet 
infiltration also increased (p < 0.005) compared with the insulin or vehicle 
treated groups. The effect correlated with enhanced interferon gamma 
(IFNgamma) and decreased interleukin 10 (IL-10) gene expression in the gut 
suggesting a shift towards proinflammatory T helper 1 (Th1) reactivity (p < 
0.01). Although treatment with adjuvant alone also increased the degree of 
insulitis, an enhanced incidence of diabetes and a shift in cytokine 
expression was only seen in the group receiving insulin plus adjuvant. Taken 
together, the data suggest that treatment with a bacterial adjuvant and oral 
insulin may alter the gut immunoregulatory state such that disease promoting 
rather than protective immune responses are induced.

PMID: 9686928 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]    

Very sincerely yours,
Ellen H. Ullman
Mom, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
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