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Diabetes in the family (was)Re: [IP] An interesting piece:

Not only is there a three-fold greater likelihood of a father with diabetes 
passing it on to a child than a mother with diabetes ( albeit still a VERY 
VERY small percentage), but my non-scientific "sampling" of all the many 
families I know are disproportionately skewed towards DAUGHTERS of fathers 
with diabetes, more so than mothers with sons, who develop diabetes....Of 
course, just as with everything else diabetes-related, YMMV ( your mileage 
may vary): I also know dads with sons, dads with daughters & moms with 
daughters who all have diabetes, but if I think of ALL the families in which 
a parent & child were diagnosed, there is a definite pattern. I read 
something scientific that actually explained WHY, but darned if I can 
remember why!! LOL...any researchers out there who care to elucidate???
Renee (pump mom to 19 yr old Melissa - pumping almost 6 yrs)
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